3 Ways A Car Accident Lawyer Assists At-Fault Parties

At-fault parties are the motorists who carry the blame for causing an accident. If you are at fault for causing the accident, you are liable to compensate the other motorist for the damages and injuries incurred. 

Hence, it is advisable to hire a car accident lawyer to help you navigate the legal procedures involved. Here are three ways a car accident lawyer can help you if you are at fault for causing an accident. 

1. Guiding You Through Police Questions

After an accident, the police usually arrive at the scene to investigate what went wrong. The investigation also involves questioning the motorists involved to determine who caused the accident. 

Sometimes, people provide incriminating information about what happened, thus, swaying the police to consider them the at-fault parties. In most cases, you may not realize you are providing incriminating information due to the shock resulting from an accident. 

However, if you have a car accident lawyer present, they can help you answer all the questions without incriminating yourself, helping you avoid taking on the blame for causing the accident. 

2. Providing Legal Counsel 

The police provide a comprehensive accident report indicating the at-fault party. Depending on the amount and validity of the evidence against you, a car accident lawyer can help you choose the best course of action moving forward. 

For instance, if the evidence against you is too overwhelming, a car accident lawyer can advise you to take a plea and accept the responsibility. But, if the evidence is weak, a car accident lawyer can advise you to fight the case in court to prove you are not at fault for the accident. 

Determining if you have a fighting chance is a challenge, especially if you are not a lawyer. However, a car accident lawyer can review the evidence and help you pick the best course of action. 

3. Acting as Your Defense Attorney

If your car accident lawyer determines there is a fighting chance, they will act as your defense lawyer. Hence, it will be up to your lawyer to prove that you are innocent or only partially at fault for causing the accident.

For instance, if you rear-ended another motorist, there is a chance the other motorist is also at fault for causing the accident. Thus, it is up to your car accident lawyer to find evidence proving the other motorist was also at fault.

A competent car accident lawyer can use traffic camera footage as evidence to prove that:

  • The other motorist did not signal before turning
  • The vehicle you rear-ended did not have functional brake lights
  • The other motorist abruptly hit the emergency brakes 

A car accident lawyer can help you avoid the blame for causing an accident with such evidence. And subsequently, help you avoid liability for any damages or injuries incurred by the other motorist. 

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