Gathering The Evidence Necessary To Prove A Birth Defect Case

If your child has suffered a birth defect as a result of a prescription medication that is linked to birth defects, proving that this is the case isn't easy. You will likely need help from a law firm that handles birth defect cases and hires medical professionals who can provide their expert opinions on your case.

Birth Defect Investigators

Your birth defect attorney will be working closely with birth defect investigators who understand genetics, medical toxicology, and embryology. The best way to back up your claim is with the use of solid scientific research and the opinions of medical experts. Some birth defect attorneys have been able to see to it that their clients were awarded millions of dollars in damages. 

Some medications might seem innocent but can often cause unexpected birth defects. For example, some medications have simply not been tested enough on humans but have been found to cause defects in pregnant animals. However, an experienced birth defect attorney can force a response from a corporation that is responsible for your defect by failing to adequately the medication or by marketing it without the warning that it is not safe for those who are pregnant. 

Investigating the Cause of the Birth Defect

In some cases, it might be possible to determine the cause of the birth defect. For example, it might have been the result of a medication that you took, but it may also have been the result of something you were exposed to. For example, you might have been exposed to pesticides that are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and behavioral problems. To receive compensation for your child's birth defects, you will need to make sure that you find the correct source of the defect.

Calculating Damages Caused by a Birth Defect

Neurodegenrative and behavioral disorders can lead to your child needing years of physical therapy and special medical equipment. There are treatments available, and new treatments are developed every day. For example, steroids can help with muscular dystrophy. Gene therapy might help when treating disorders that are related to your child's genetics.

There are also assistive devices that can help. Infants with cerebral palsy can benefit from mittens that have Velcro on them. Assistive devices can help your child walk. However, all of these treatments can be expensive, and you are entitled to compensation for the cost of these treatments and the time you must take off from work.

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