Where Are Auto Accident Injuries More Likely To Happen?

If you have ever been in an auto accident, you know that the location in which you are sitting can make a difference in your injuries. In spite of new technology, which includes warnings of an imminent crash and better airbags, people can still get hurt no matter where the sit in the car. Not sure where your injuries might be most prominent? Keep reading.

Lack of Seat Belt Use

One fact remains consistent: passengers who do not use seat belts are more like to become injured than those who do. No matter what seat you sit in, always keep your seat belt properly fastened to avoid injury as much as possible.

The Safest Place for Children

Children are typically recommended to sit in the backseat. This seat reduces the risk of injury for for children in accidents. And of course, children who are small enough to meet the guidelines for car seats and booster seats, should always be in these seats. It may also be safer for children to be in the middle seat, especially in accidents that are caused by another car T-boning you.

The Safest Place for Adults

For adults, the front seat could be a safer place to sit. Adults may be at higher risk of for a fatal injury if they sit in the backseat. How safe it is for you to sit back there is actually linked to your age, oddly enough.

One of the biggest injuries caused in adults who sit in the backseat is chest injury. Plus, the front seat makes better use of airbags and other technology that help prevent passengers from experiencing severe injury. Additionally, adults may be less likely to wear a seat belt in the backseat, which could also lead to increased injury.

Does Your Seating Situation Impact Your Auto Accident Case?

Usually, the location in which you chose to sat in the vehicle will have little bearing on your auto accident case. Keep in mind that not wearing a seat belt could have an impact, however. If your injuries related to the accident were more severe because you chose not to wear your seat belt, you may not be eligible for the same compensation you would have if you did wear your seat belt.

Regardless of where you sat in your vehicle when you were in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation based on your injuries. Call an auto accident attorney today to discuss your options.

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