Get It Together: Organize Your Way Through An Accident Recovery

Getting organized and staying that way after an accident is not just empowering, it's like putting money in the bank. Organization may not come second-nature for some, but the tips below are easy for anyone to accomplish and the results might make the difference between a so-so monetary award and the amount you really deserve. Read on to find out what you should do to help out with your personal injury claim using your organizational skills.

Shop or Gather Needed Organizational Supplies

It can be difficult during the time after an accident to get out and about. You might still be in pain and transportation issues are understandable. Many of the below office supply items are common things you might already have in your home. You don't have these items in your home, most can be inexpensively sourced through online shopping sites.

  1. Expandable File Case with Labels — While any old file folders will do, having one main place to keep your accident-related documents puts everything in one place. These grab-and-go cases even have a handle so you can carry it with you to your medical appointments and personal injury lawyer appointments. Make a space and add a label for medical receipts, tolls and parking receipts, the police report, correspondence from your lawyer, correspondence from the insurance company, pay statements, repair estimates, and more.

  2. Large Envelope — Use a large (paper sized) envelope to keep track of small bits of paper when you don't have your expandable case with you. Once home, transfer the documents to the case file.

  3. Stapler — A stapler provides a convenient way to group documents together.

  4. Smartphone — You might be surprised at how useful your smartphone will turn out to be after an accident. Most have voice recording options but recording apps are easy to use and free. Use your phone to note things like mileage to and from doctor's appointments (you can even take a photo of the odometer on the dash before and after a trip) and other reminders.

  5. Spiral Bound Notebook — A small notebook with room to jot down notes is ideal for keeping up with issues that are too complex for a voice recorder. For example, you likely won't be able to record a conversation with your attorney, but you can take notes during the meeting. If you use no other organizational tools but a notebook, you will have created a means of keeping up with details, reminders, appointments, and more. To find out what you need to keep up with during your recovery and in support of your personal injury claim, speak to your attorney.

 Keeping all the important documents related to your accident organized will benefit you and your auto accident attorney as you prepare your case.

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