4 Fact-Finding Stages Of A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Driving a motorcycle can be dangerous, and if you've been the victim of an accident, you may want to file a lawsuit.  However, civil litigation is a complex process, and it's ideal to know what you should expect in advance. The time to prove your case is during the discovery stage and this is when the facts of the accident will be brought to light. By knowing the different parts of this critical component of civil litigation, this may prove beneficial to you.

The Deposition

Meeting with your opponent's attorney may not be something you're thrilled about doing. However, it's possible that you may be called to do a deposition. This is an important part of your case, and the outcome of it could strength or weaken your stance in the lawsuit.

Remember that you will be sworn in under oath before giving the deposition and this means you should always be truthful. Additionally, there will be an individual at this meeting that will record everything you say.

Written Interrogatories

You may be served a series of questions that you will have to answer. These are limited to no more than 25 questions, but you should be thorough in your responses.  Take the time to provide detailed answers that you can back up with proof if asked to do so.

Requests for admission statements

The key to getting to the details of the motorcycle accident is through the admission statements. You will be asked to either admit or deny several statements, and this could shorten the time your case is in court.

Requests for production documents

Being able to recover your financial losses is typically the reason you took legal action in the first place. The time to provide documentation to show your losses is at this stage and listed below are some things to submit:

1. The costs to repair or replace your motorcycle.

2. Medical expenses for your recovery due to the wreck.

3. Wages you may have lost due to being unable to work.

4. Other miscellaneous costs, such as trips to your medical appointments and others.

Taking control of your finances after a devastating accident of this type is left up to you. Knowing what to expect when filing a lawsuit is ideal. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a motorcycle accident attorney to assist you building a strong case for a better chance of success.  

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