Three Things That Will Happen When You're Involved In A Dog Bite Lawsuit

Every day, almost 1,000 people require medical attention for a dog bite. The majority of these cases don't lead to a lawsuit, because it's often a family dog, and insurance will cover medical coats. But in cases where it can be shown that a dog was purposely made aggressive, or neglected to the point that they became aggressive, a lawsuit may be in order because insurance won't cover damages. Here's a look at what will happen on the legal side of things when a dog bite that causes a serious injury occurs.

The dog will be inspected

This one may seem obvious, but it's one of the most important things. When a dog bites a person severely enough to cause injury, be prepared to have that dog inspected. Investigators will review the dog's temperament and physical health. A dog that shows immediate signs of aggression, or a dog that shows severe signs of neglect will obviously be cause for concern. Expect the dog to be taken away to a local animal control department for analysis

The scene will be inspected

Not only will the scene where the bite happened be inspected, but the location where the dog lives or spends most of its time will be. Inspectors will look for signs that show them how the dog was treated, like the presence of a dog bed, the number of toys, the condition of food and water bowls, and more. They'll also be looking for signs that a dog was aggressive, like numerous scratches on a door, chewed pieces of a door or window frame, and the presence of a prong or choke collar.

The wounds will be inspected

Medical professionals know what a dog bite looks like, and can even get a good idea of the size and temperament of a dog just by looking at the bite marks. If someone claims that a dog bit them while shaking its head for a solid minute, these professionals know exactly what that bite should look like. If you're involved in a dog bite case, be prepared to have your wounds analyzed and likely photographed. A dog bite can be a very traumatic experience, and it can be difficult to remember solid details. But a bite can show irrefutable evidence about what happened. Likewise, a bite can also bring someone's story into question if it doesn't look like it should.

If you're involved in a dog bite legal case, make sure that you've got legal representation—like James Lee Katz or a lawyer from a similar firm. The laws on dog bites vary from state to state, and can be pretty confusing. But a personal injury lawyer has likely seen scenarios just like yours before, and they know what it takes to make the law work.

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