Parking Lot Accidents: What Should You Do?

Even if you have excellent vehicle insurance, parking lot accidents can be problematic simply because they take place on private property. Documenting your damage and getting support from law enforcement may be more difficult. You can protect yourself and get the compensation you deserve if you stay calm and follow a few procedures.

Accident Reports

Even though local law enforcement may not want to come and file a report, you need to strongly encourage them to do so, particularly if someone is injured. They do not have jurisdiction over what happens in the parking lot, but an official report will help your cause with your insurance company, particularly if the documentation proves you were not at fault. If they refuse to come, see if the store or business has security personnel who can write up a report for you. Any official report will help your cause. At the very least, you can write up your own report and support it with pictures you take with your phone. 


Some experts suggest calling an attorney before you even call your insurance company. If you are in an accident that causes significant vehicle damage or injury to you or someone else, you may well need a personal injury lawyer to sort out all of the liability issues. In addition to determining which driver was at fault in the accident, a lawyer can help determine if the owner of the parking lot has some liability due to blind spots, construction problems, or narrow lanes. 


You need to call your insurance company if anyone else was involved in the accident or if you have potential injuries. You may be reluctant to do so if you feel the accident was minor because you fear an increase in your rates. Unfortunately, many physical injuries are not apparent immediately after an accident. If you develop symptoms later or the other party does, your insurance company may not pay your claim unless you reported the accident to them. To protect yourself in the future, report the accident when it happens. You may choose not to report the incident if only minor property damage occurs. If you brush a parking lot pole and scrape the side of your car, not reporting it makes sense.

Private property accidents involve complex liability issues, so if you are in an accident with another driver in a parking lot, you need to carefully document the incident. Contact the authorities, a lawyer, and your insurance company in order to protect yourself and get the compensation you are entitled to. 

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