Struggling To Get Your Employer To Pay For A Work Related Auto Accident? Things To Take To A Lawyer

Were you driving a company vehicle to do something work related and your employer isn't paying for injuries after an auto accident? If so, you need to get in contact with a lawyer before any more time passes.

If your employer is saying that they don't have to pay for the medical expenses, or for the time that you had to miss from your job, you need to fight for compensation. Here are a few things to have with you so you are fully prepared for the first appointment with your lawyer.

Employment Insurance Documentation

Show proof that you work for the company, and that you are on the company's insurance policy to drive the vehicle. Not only should you get compensated by your company, but they should be compensated for the accident, including all of your medical expenses, from the auto insurance provider. This shows they are already getting paid back for the accident, so they shouldn't have a problem getting you the money.

Proof of Task

Were you in pursuit or on your way back from something that was strictly for work, and you can prove it? Show that you wouldn't even have been on the road if it wasn't for the work related issue that had to be solved, so it's the company's fault that you had the accident. An email, voicemail, text or other proof of the request that you get behind the wheel for the company are great pieces of evidence that show it was something you were forced to do for your job.

Proof of Denial

Do you have an email or formal letter from your employer that says they aren't going to pay for all of your medical bills, or for your time that you had to be away from work? If so, your lawyer will need this. If you had any conversations with your employer, you'll want to try to remember them accurately and inform your lawyer of them.

Your employer probably doesn't want to put all of your medical bills on the insurance claim because it's going to increase the company's rates, but they are responsible to pay for the bills and you must make them pay. Talk with your lawyer (like those at Speers Reuland & Cibulskis, P.C.) to see if you can make a deal with your employer without going to court first. If they aren't willing to settle and your lawyer thinks your case is strong, you'll want to get in the courtroom to get a settlement.

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