3 Questions Answered Regarding Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Being hurt during a slip-and-fall accident could be a costly injury. The amount of harm your body sustains and your inability to work can contribute to your financial losses. Studies show that 22% of falls could cause a person to miss at least 31 days of work. If you've suffered from this type of accident, there are specific questions that you may want to be answered.

Question #1:  Is the property owner at fault?

There are many falls that may have been prevented if the property owner had practiced better care.

Listed below are things that could make the owner liable for your injury:

1. If there was a leafy roof that caused wet flooring that contributed to your fall left unrepaired.

2.  Items that were left in the middle of the floor that caused you to trip.

3. Holes in the flooring on the property that should have been fixed.

Question #2:  Are you at fault for the injury?

There are instances when you may be found to be the cause of the injury. This would prevent you from being able to file any legal action against the property owner, and these are listed below:

1. You didn't have any reason for being on the property, and you failed to get the permission of the owner.

2.  There were signs up stating the floor was wet or damaged and shouldn't have been walked on at all.

3.  You were engaging in horseplay and this lead to your falling.

4.  There were rails for you to hold on while going up or down the steps and you neglected to do so.

Question #3:  What documentation is necessary to prove the owner is to blame?

If you intend to take legal action against the owner of the property, you will have to be prepared with the right amount of written documentation. This will allow you to build a strong case and potentially recover some of your losses.

Listed below are some things you'll need:

1.  Witnesses who will testify for you in court regarding the accident.

2.  Photographs of the damage on the property that contributed to your injury.

3.  A medical report from your doctor stating the slip and fall accident is what caused your being hurt.

If you've been involved in an unfortunate accident of this type, you will need to be prepared to take legal action if this is warranted. Be sure to rely on the expertise that's offered by your slip and fall lawyer.

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