Did You Slip and Fall in a Grocery Store?: Things to Keep in Mind for a Personal Injury Case

If you have recently slipped and fallen in a grocery store, here are a few things that you will need to keep in mind concerning a personal injury case.

You only have a case if a grocery store agent was negligent.

In some instances, you could slip and fall in a grocery store without the store being liable. You only have a valid slip-and-fall case if the store did not do its duty to provide a safe environment for you. 

Was the hazard that caused you to fall recognizable as a hazard?

If you slipped and fell due to a container of spilled yogurt that was left in the aisle of the grocery store, the hazard was probably easily recognizable. However, if you tripped over a display because you weren't looking where you were going, it may be more difficult to prove that the grocery store's employees were negligent.

How long was the hazard in place?

If the slip and fall hazard was only in place a few seconds before your accident, there may not have been a reasonable amount of time for an agent of the grocery store to correct it. For instance, if it was raining outside and another grocery shopper came into the store just before you, you may have slipped on a wet spot that came from that customer's clothing. Even though the fall happened in the grocery store, did the store's employees really have enough time to clean up the wet area?

Nevertheless, if the same scenario happened but 20 minutes elapsed between your accident and the time that the dripping customer entered the store, your case may be more solid. The store employees should have had enough time to address the issue before your safety was placed at risk.

How was the lighting in the area of the grocery store in which you fell?

The employees and owner of the grocery store are responsible for maintaining a safe atmosphere for shoppers. If the lighting was so poor in the location of the store in which your fall occurred that you could not see a tripping hazard, the store could be liable for your injuries.

The amount of your damages will affect your case.

If your injuries were minor, it may not be worth your time to pursue a case. Your personal injury attorney will seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damages. If your injuries did not require any type of medical care or time away from work, they may not be substantial enough to even pursue a case. However, you and your attorney must make that determination.

If you are considering a personal injury case due to a slip and fall accident in a grocery store, contact a personal injury attorney like Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS. He or she will be able to help you determine whether or not your case is worth pursuing. 

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