2 Questions You May Have About Workers' Comp And Social Security Disability

If you have been collecting workers' compensation for an injury that occurred at work, at some point the payments may end. If you expected to be able to go back to work after a period of time but will not be able to, you may want to find out if you qualify for social security disability, instead of trying to extend your workers' comp payments. Here are two questions you may have about this.

How Long Will Workers' Comp Benefits Last?

Every state has different rules and guidelines regarding the length of time workers' comp benefits last, but typically they can last for three to seven years for temporary disabilities. If you qualified for permanent workers' comp, the benefits can often last until you are 65 years old.

If you are worried because your benefits will be ending soon, and if you still cannot go back to work, you could always apply for social security disability. This is designed to help people that cannot work at all. Therefore, in order for you to qualify for this, you will have to prove that you cannot work at any type of job because of the disabilities you have.

The process to get approved for social security disability is not an easy process. You may have to hire a social security disability lawyer for help, and you should start soon because it can take up to two years to get an answer.

Can You Receive Workers' Comp and Social Security Benefits At Once?

You should also realize that you could actually receive workers' comp and social security disability at the same time. If you are currently still on workers' comp, you may want to apply for social security disability right away. If your application gets approved, you could collect from both places.

This would be a smart way to handle the situation, especially if you were to lose your workers' comp benefits soon. This could help you avoid having a lapse in your income while you are waiting for the disability benefits to get approved and kick in.

If you are collecting payments from both, the amount you are approved for through social security disability will be lower while you are receiving both payments. As soon as the workers' comp payments end, the amount you receive from social security will probably increase.

If you have questions about this or would like to apply for social security disability, talk to a social security disability lawyer, such as R.J. Marzella & Associates, P.C., about your concerns.

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