Everything You Need To Know Before Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit

If you have been injured or lost property in a car accident recently, then you may wish to seek out the help of a car accident attorney. Car accident attorneys, also known as personal injury lawyers, can help you file your insurance claims and seek additional reparations for the trouble you've been through. But, like any legal process, dealing with a lawyer can be complicated and daunting. Here are a few things you should know before meeting with a car accident lawyer to ensure you the most efficient visit.

1. Know what fees are involved.

This is the most important thing you need to find out before pursuing any legal action. Before meeting with your lawyer, do some research on the typical fees involved with similar cases. Many car accident attorneys will charge a contingency fee instead of an hourly rate. A contingency fee is a set percentage, often around 30%, of your total settlement, so you only have to pay if you win your case. However, some lawyers also ask you to pay court fees and legal costs, so it's important for you to go in knowing what their policy is.

2. Know if there are any limitations.

Each state has its own statute of limitations for car accident cases, so it is important to seek out and review the policies in your area. On average, the statute of limitations range from 2 to 4 years, but can span anywhere from 1 to 10.

There also may be limitations on your right to sue. Some insurance companies have special clauses in their contracts that dictate the types of event that can be legally sought after. Bring your lawyer a copy of your insurance policy and, if you have it, the defendant's so you can rule out whether or not this will be an issue in your case.

3. Know what compensation you're entitled to.

Before filing a lawsuit, you should know what items you can claim as damages in your case. For most personal injury cases, including car accidents, the compensation may include:

  • Loss of current and future earnings
  • Current and future medical bills
  • Household expenses
  • Cost of altered plans

It's possible you may also be able to seek reparations for emotional damages such as distress, pain, and suffering. Because these are much broader, they may be more difficult to prove. This is something an auto accident attorney can help you sort out to find the best paying damages to claim on your lawsuit.

Car accidents are traumatic for everyone, and going through the legal system takes a lot of time and energy. If you are seriously considering filing a lawsuit, talk to a car accident attorney sooner rather than later.

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