Birth Defects Caused By Zofran: You Could Be Eligible For Compensation

During a pregnancy hormones are strong and it's normal for a pregnant woman to put full trust into her obstetrician, but what if she was misled? If you were taking Zofran during pregnancy because you were having a problem with nausea and you thought it was safe, you could have been misled.

There are now studies showing that there could be a negative effect on the fetus when taking Zofran, and your child may be suffering because of it. If your child has cleft lip, palette deformation, or there were other complications, call personal injury attorneys. There are a few things you'll need to compile your case.

Evidence of the Prescription

You'll want to have a print out from your pharmacy showing when you had your prescriptions filled, and with the information of the physician that prescribed the medication. This will show how long you were taking the medication for, what the dosage was, and who was responsible for prescribing you the Zofran.

Evidence of the Effects

What evidence do you have about the effects of the Zofran? You will want a list of your child's medical records, showing the different problems they had from birth. If you can get a written statement from their pediatrician with the exact description of their defects, and what could have potentially caused these defects, you can use these in court.

Your lawyer may tell you what they want you included in the report, or may get in touch with their own physician.

Cost Estimate

What was the cost of the medical procedures, extra appointments, time missed from work to get to the treatments, and other burdens because of the defects? If you can gather all of your printed out bills from the different medical facilities, and gather other financial information related to the case, the lawyer can get an idea for the amount to pursue for your settlement.

There are a lot of different problems your child may have because you thought it was safe to take a prescription medication, and now your poor child will have to suffer the consequences for a lifetime. If you feel that you were misled and that your doctor shouldn't have ever convinced you to take the Zofran when you were feeling ill during your pregnancy, you want to talk with a lawyer. There are many people getting compensation because they were also misled when told this drug was safe.

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