Cut Down On Liability Risks When Fixing Your Car At Home

Anyone with good mechanic skills is going to save a lot of money repairing a car him/herself at home. Taking extra precautions is necessary when doing so or else you may loose quit a bit of money in a personal injury suit. Repairing a vehicle presents a number of hazards and taking extra steps to avoid mishaps reduces the potential of a terrible accident from occurring.

Avoid Heavily Trafficked Times of the Day

Getting a jump on your car repairs first thing in the morning, the second you come home from work, or on the weekends likely are most people's plans. Perhaps it would be better to rework a schedule to perform the repairs at 10 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon. The reason is it is best to avoid a lot of foot and car traffic during peak times of the day. Do you really want to fix your car when people are commuting to work or kids are walking to school? The fewer people around your car, the less chance there is of the following accidents occurring:

  • A loose part ends up in the street, puncturing a tire, and causing a car accident.
  • A small child knocks out a jack causing injury to him/herself when the car collapses.
  • The accumulation of oil and fluid on the ground contributes to a serious slip and fall accident.

Each and every one of these disaster situations could occur without warning. Rather than see such events occur and find yourself retaining the defensive services of a personal injury attorney, take a few additional steps to reduce hazards.

Minor Precautions Avoid Major Problems

Picking a good time of the day does not reduce the potential for an accident down to zero. In truth, you can never totally eliminate the possibility of someone getting hurt. Yet, there are ways to cut down on the possibility to a more comfortable degree.

Pouring a little bit of sand around the car and on the sidewalk will aid in soaking up transmission fluid, oil, coolants, and other liquids that might cause people to slip. Encircling the vehicle with blaze orange cones contributes a necessary visual cue warning people to stay away. Minuscule efforts such as these could prevent major disasters.

Double-Check Your Homeowner's and Auto Insurance Policies

Both homeowner's and auto insurance policies protect against liabilities such as slip and fall accidents and at-fault accidents respectively. Calling up an insurance company and asking about coverage related to auto repair work in front of the home is advisable. Even if the current policies do not offer such coverage, the provider may be able to put an add-on to existing policies. This way, some liability coverage is in place and your assets are protected.

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